Production to order


We offer veneering in combinations of veneer/balance grade veneer (blind), veneer/balance paper, double-sided veneer on outside surfaces (A/A). 

Customers can specify veneer quality and resulting appearance of matched veneer (straight grained – radial, crown cut, quarter cut, rift cut, specification of sheet width, tightening of quality criteria, different disposition method). Agreed requirements shall be delivered repeatedly without the need of further specification. 

Upon agreement with the customer we can veneer other tree species (American oak, hard maple, birch, walnut, spruce, wenge, anegre, zebrano, etc.) 

Other dimensions that conform to customer requirements can be also arranged. 


Particle boards 8-38 mm thick 

MDF from 3 mm thick, 8-40 mm 



Boards made to order are used where specific characteristics of the resulting product need to be achieved in terms of veneer quality, thickness, dimensions and resulting appearance 

Furniture parts

Furniture parts and furniture blanks, door mouldings and shaped parts for upholstered furniture.

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Board stock

Particle boards and MDF boards raw, veneered and laminated, single-layered building boards (JSD) and tongue and grove particle boards.

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Products made from wood

Softwood, planed products (LUKAPROFIL) and white wood pellets (LUKAPELET).

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What can we do to help you?

We provide a wide range of products and services. We are able to satisfy individual requirements.

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