The input raw material for softwood production is Class III spruce sawn timber. That means that the final product is sawn building timber with a wide range of applications.

Our best quality is mainly used for the production of visual glued roof trusses, planing and production of elements for wooden structures, including houses, garden structures, pergolas, etc. It is made to order with min. quantity 20 m3 from one dimension. Second quality (by-product) is suitable for the production of industrial glued roof trusses, slates, production of packaging material as well as for general use in the building industry. This is sold from stock.


Slash-grain wood, 22 mm thick, unsorted in width, is used in construction, production of packaging material, pallets, etc. Maximum sawn timber length is 5 m.

Sawmill operation also includes dryers. We have 9x 110 m3 MÜHLBECK chambers to dry sawn timber for sale and our own planing mill use.


Great emphasis is placed on the declared product quality in production. Sawn timber is graded in accordance with ČSN EN 1611-1, and the quality of cut and packaging as well as agreed terms of delivery conform to it. Quality of production, sawn timber grading and customer service are tried and tested in every respect by long-term export activities. 85% of sawn timber is exported to EU countries. 

In addition to the ISO 9001:2000 quality management system, the company holds certification for chain of custody (C-o-C) PEFC to confirm compliance with the requirements of the CFCS 1004:2006 standard, PEFC ČR and certification for the functional eligibility of the equipment used to treat wooden packaging material no. CZ-020403 0022. 

Delivery terms:

For dimensions made to order, 3 weeks for raw sawn timber orders, 6 weeks for dried sawn timber. Other assortments are sold from stock.


Packages with dimensions 115×110 cm, sawn timber is normally interlayed with 12 mm piling sticks, 15 mm or 20 mm by request. 

Impregnation of sawn timber:

The DDL plant for sawn timber impregnation utilises dipping it in a solution of Lignofix STABIL EXTRA impregnation agent.

Upon customer request, we perform this preventative protection against wood borers and wood-destroying fungi for any assortment supplied.

Impregnated sawn timber gains a red and brown shade.


The certified quality system of Lukavec Woodworking Cooperative ISO 9001:2008 and internal control system guarantee compliance with technological procedures, and thus efficient preventative protection of sawn timber for interior (hazard classes 1 and 2) as well as exterior (hazard class 3) use. We can document the quality of our work with an inspection report. 

The possibility of impregnation is not only limited to the construction timber of our in-house production. We also provide the  saw timber impregnation dipping service  to external companies and private entities. The service price is subject to trade agreement. 

Production programme

Tree species:
spruce only

Product range:

middle cut
– thickness 22-65 mm
– width 150-300 mm
– length 3-5 m
– made to order with min. quantity of 20 m3 from one dimension

Class I slash-grain wood
– thickness 22 mm
– width 80-150 mm (and +160 by increasing increments of 10 mm)
– sold from stock

Class II slash-grain wood
– thickness 22 mm
– width +80 mm increasing by increments of 10 mm
– sold from stock

Dried sawn wood
We have 9x approx. 110 m3 drying chambers that are used to dry sawn timber for our own planing mill and for sale. If a customer requires drying a different dimension than those normally produced, the full capacity of a drying chamber must be ordered.

Cooperation in the area of wood impregnation by dipping

We offer long-term partnership in the area of wood impregnation by dipping. If you are interested in long-term use of the service, telephone us. We are ready to discuss the technical and contractual terms with you. 

One-time service – wood impregnation by dipping 

If you are interested in the impregnation of your own sawn timber, we offer the service on the following terms: 

  • Sawn timber shall be clean, without saw dust and bark
  • Sawn timber shall be stacked in the package, with the horizontal layers interleaved with wooden piling sticks at least 12 mm thick.
  • Package width: 1.1 m and piling sticks must not protrude
  • Package length: min. 1.5 m and max. 6 m
  • Package height depends on the package length:
  • For package lengths 1.5-5 m, the min. height shall be 0.8 m and max. height 1.05 m.
  • For package length 5.05-6 m, the required height shall be 0.8 m (±2 cm).
  • We only use Lignofix STABIL EXTRA solution with red and brown shade for impregnation. Preventative protection of the interior sawn timber, hazard class 2.

The price is derived from net volume of impregnated timber depending on the assortment group. 


Assortment group: Specification:

Price for sawn timber net volume 

 CZK excl. VAT per 1 m3* 

PL Planks (up to 40 mm thick) 

Slats (up to 25 cm2 in cross-section) 

 CZK 500 excl. VAT per 1 m3* 
FH Deal (from 40 mm thick) 

Balks (25 to 100 cm2 in cross-section) 

 Beams (100 cm2 and more in cross-section) 

CZK 400 excl. VAT per 1 m3*

* Minimum price per order is CZK 750 excl. VAT. 

Note: We reserve the right to reject the order due to a failure to comply with the aforementioned terms.

How is the service provided?

  1. Calculate the volume of the material to be impregnated. 
  2. Call 565 411 218. A shop worker will answer the phone and accept your request. 
  3. Depending on the volume of your order and current state of production, the delivery date and impregnation finish date shall be specified. 
  4. The shop worker will provide the information on the price and dates related to the service. 
  5. You will order the service on 565 411 218 and arrange the exact date and time to bring the sawn timber for impregnation. 
  6. The operator will accept the sawn timber, calculate the billing volume of sawn timber and unload the sawn timber from your vehicle free of charge. 
  7. The shop worker will inform you that the order has been completed. 
  8. We will issue an invoice based on the billing volume of sawn timber and its assortment group at the Woodworking Cooperative shop. The sawn timber invoice must be paid before loading. 
  9. You will inspect the sawn timber before it is loaded to your vehicle free of charge. 

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