Wooden pellets LUKAPELET

DDL is a certified pellet producer

DDL is a certified pellet producer

DDL is a holder of the European EN-Plus certificate for the production of class A1 pellets and thus belongs to the pellet producers whose production process is governed by the ENplus® certification rules. LUKAPELET pellets of class A1 comply with strict standards and the customer is guaranteed first-class pellet quality for domestic boilers and stoves.


LUKAPELET is a prospective natural fuel with high caloric value and low ash and water content.

LUKAPELET provides

  • extra clean, ecological heat
  • low storage areas requirements
  • easy handling
  • automation of the combustion process


Prospective fuel of natural origin with high calorific value, low ash content, low water content and low storage areas requirements that enable automation of the combustion process. LUKAPELET pellets are pressed under high pressure from debarked soft wood material, without any chemical additives. With a diameter of 6 mm, LUKAPELET pellets ensure a high-quality combustion process and enable precise regulation of heat output while maintaining the maximum purity and ecology of the combustion process. According to the results of laboratory tests, after burning 1,000 kg of LUKAPELET pellets ≤ 7 kg of ash remains in the incinerator.


– Palette 1 x 1.2 m, which contains 70×15 kg bags – 1,050 kg.
– Big-bag on a palette 1 x 1.2 m – cca 1,000 kg


Diameter 6 mm ± 1 mm
Compressed to approx. 1,260 kg/m3
Bulk weight ˃ 600 kg/m3

Real calorific value ≥ 4.6 kWh/kg
Ash content ≤ 0.70 %
Water content ≤ 10%
Material – pure spruce shavings

The low ash content extends the intervals between cleaning the heater burners!

EN-Plus certificate

Wholesale contracts (truck deliveries)

PhDr. Karel Chlubna
E-mail: chlubna@ddl.cz


Natürlicher Brennstoff, der unter hohem Druck aus reinem Weichholz, ohne Rinde und chemische Zusatzstoffe. LUKAPELET Holzpellets werden ausschliesslich aus weissen Hobelspänen produziert, die bei der Bearbeitung von der Hauptware zu Dielen entstehen. Sie werden durch hohen Heizwert, sowie niedrigen Aschen- und Wassergehalt gekennzeichnet, und sie erlauben die Automatisierung vom Verbrennungsprozess. Sie sind zum Verbrennen in Palletverbrennungsanlagen bestimmt. Nur für geeignete und Verbrennungssysteme, in Übereinstimmung mit den Anweisungen des Herstellers und nationalen Vorschrifften verwenden. Trocken lagern!

Holzart: Fichte
Durchmesser: 6 mm ± 1 mm
Sackgehalt: 15 kg
Heizwert: ≥ 4,6 kWh/kg
Aschengehalt: ≤ 0,7%
Wassergehalt: ≤ 10%
Ursprungsland: Tschechische Republik. Herstellungsdatum ist auf der Verpackung.



Pellet è un combustibile naturale pressato costituito da puro legno morbido senza la corteccia e sostanze chimiche. I pellets LUKAPELET vengono prodotti esclusivamente dai trucioli bianchi derivanti dalla lavorazione dei segati del cuore producendo le assi. l pellets sono caratterizzati da un alto potere calorifico, da un basso contenuto di ceneri e d’acqua e rendono possibile l’automazione del processo di combustione. Sono destinati alla combustione negli impianti di riscaldamento a pellets. Utilizzare solo i sistemy di combustione idonei ed approvati ai sensi delle istruzioni del produttore e della normativa nazionale. Conservare in luogo asciutto!

Genere del legname: abete
Diametro: 6 mm ± 1 mm
Contenuto del sacco: 15 kg
Potere calorificio inferiore: ≥ 4,6 kWh/kg
Ceneri: ≤ 0,7 %
Contenuto idrico:≤ 10 %
Paese di origine: Repubblica Ceca. Data di produzione è sulla confezione.


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