MDF – means Medium Density Fibreboard. 

MDF is made from wood fibres (mainly spruce) bonded with synthetic glue under temperature and pressure. The boards are intended for non-bearing purposes in cabinet-making, joinery, mill workshops and other interior uses. Board structure enables good quality surface treatment using milling and painting. Excellent product properties include smooth surface (ground), strong edges, homogeneity and excellent workability. They conform to the EN 622-1 and EN 622-5 standards in all parameters. 

MDF boards are a fully-fledged replacement for solid wood, namely for demanding operations, and they can be further treated by lamination, high-pressure laminate, veneering and surface and edge milling. Their unquestionable advantages primarily include high-resistance to heat load and easy maintenance. Board density normally ranges from 700-870 kg/m3. 

The use of other additives in MDF production can result in the improvement of certain properties, e.g., better workability. 

– standard supply in a package containing a number of boards with same thickness and quality
– length and width conform to dimensioning
– standard height approx. 600 mm (max. 730 mm), average weight 2500 kg
– bottom backing board and top cover paper
– banded crosswise with two bands
– we modify packaging method to customer demand

MDF Medium Density Fibreboard:
Indicative density: see the table below)Thickness: 8-40 mm
Basic dimensions: 2800×1840 mm
Standard production and goods in stock in all thicknesses
(8, 10, 12, 16, 18, 19, 22, 25, 28, 30, 32, 36, 38, 40 mm)

– sale in basic dimensions
– MDF blanks
– MDF veneered
– MDF laminated
– MDF furniture part (raw)

MDF for deep milling (MDF/deep milling):
Indicative density: +800 kg/m3
Thickness: 16, 18 and 19 mm
Basic dimensions: 2800×1840 mm
Production to order (from 100 m3)

Type L – suitable for painting, lamination, edge and surface milling
(board surface without stains, no grinding marks, no surface damage, no damage to edges and sides)
Type D – suitable mainly for veneering
(admissible glue stains on the surface, impurities, grinding marks, surface damage up to the depth of thickness tolerance (±0.3 mm)
Type T – boards without quality requirements


Thickness  MDF

2800*1840 mm

pieces/package approx. density – kg/m3 
 8  83  820
 10  67  790
 12  59  780
 16  44  770
 18  39  770
 19  37  770
 22  30  750
 25  28  750
 28  24  730
 30  22  730
 32  22  710
 36  19  680
 38  17  670
 40  16  670

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