DTD JSD P5 single-layered building board

DTD JSD P5 single-layered building board for use in humid atmospheres 

DTD JSD P5 single-layered building board falls under particle boards. It is suitable for use in humid atmospheres. The board has a slightly green shade. 

DTD JSD P5 is pressed from dimension-classified wood chips, always without added recycled products. The chips are distributed in one layer and glued with moisture-resistant glue. The single-layer board structure ensures compactness and uniform properties in the board surface and cross-section. 

The board thickness is calibrated by grinding. 

The boards conform to the EN 312 standard in all parameters. 

Advantages of DTD JSD P5 

+ The DTD JSD P5 board has the same mechanical properties in all directions. When making parts from DTD JSD P5 you do not have to pay attention to major and minor axes, unlike in situations when OSB is used for production. This results in savings due to lower material waste. 
+ The DTD JSD P5 board is “without thin areas” in all produced thicknesses. When tightening a wood screw in JSD P5, the wood-screw head does not pass through the board, unlike in the case of thin OSB. 
+ Screw, confirmation and fixing hold very tight within DTD JSD P5. 

Principal use of DTD JSD P5 boards 

1. Construction – manufacture of load-bearing structural elements 
2. Construction – all-purpose use (shelters, provisional boarding and fencing, pugging boards) 
3. For floors – moisture-resistant board that requires no filler preparation across its entire area before laying 
4. Production of packaging – suitable for transport packaging your products 
5. Upholstered furniture – production of high-quality load-bearing frames

Product range 

Square-edged boards: 2840×1830 mm, thickness: 10, 12, 15, 18 and 22 mm 
Tongue and groove boards: 1800×900 mm, thickness: 15, 18 and 22 mm 

Aid for floor dimensioning – board on 3 and more beams 

The values for centre-to-centre beam distances reflect the requirements of the structure appearance and its performance in humid atmospheres (material humidity at 20°C and relative ambient air humidity 85% for several weeks a year). The values shown in the table do not substitute static calculation. 

Procedure to specify board thickness: 

  • What is the required JSD P5 board thickness for the load of 300 kg/m2 and beam distance of 500 mm? 
  • Find the line with 300 kg/m2 load. 
  • In the line of values for centre-to-centre distances, specify the range where the centre-to-centre distance 500 mm lies. 
  • If the table does not contain the required value, choose the value closest to the higher centre-to-centre distance. 
  • In the respective column, read the board thickness on the bottom line. The result is 18 mm. 

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