Furniture blanks

Based on customer-specific demand we use automatic dimension machines to produce blanks from raw and surface-treated (laminated or veneered) MDF and particle boards. 

By providing blanks we relieve customers of worries with disposal of waste created during dimensioning. 

The blanks are designed for further processing, tolerances conform to the corporate PN DDL 03-99 standard. We newly offer end-to-end service to door manufacturers by supplying MDF mouldings for the production of frames used as a replacement of solid wood; we further supply laminated blanks 3 mm thick for sheathing. Thanks to our technological equipment as well as appropriate capacities we can manufacture and supply blanks in the optimum quantity 30 m3 and more, however at least 30 pieces of single size and thickness. We deliver in approx. two weeks from customer order; prices and other terms of mutual trade are subject to an individual price quotation based on the dimensions and total quantity requested by the customer. 



By standard, blanks are packaged as follows: 

Top and bottom packing board, banded longitudinally and transversally according to the blank and pallet size, bottom blocks. 

Height of blank package – max. 1350 mm. 

Blanks from raw, particle, MDF and veneered boards are made in the following sizes and thicknesses: 

largest blank – 2800×1830 mm  

smallest blank – 300×150 mm 

longest blank – 5680×600 mm 

thickness range – 8-40 mm 

SCM bolter, PAUL bolter – min. width 12 mm, min. length 545 mm, max. 2840 mm 

Blanks from laminated boards are made in the following sizes and thicknesses: 

 largest blank – 2500×1000 mm 

 smallest blank – 250×60 mm 

 thickness range – 10-40 mm 

Blanks from MDF laminated boards 3 mm thick are made in the following sizes and thicknesses: 

largest blank – 2440×1220 mm 

commonly marketed blank – 2000×970 mm 

smallest blank – 250×80 mm 

thickness – 3 mm 

Furniture parts

Furniture parts and furniture blanks, door mouldings and shaped parts for upholstered furniture.

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Board stock

Particle boards and MDF boards raw, veneered and laminated, single-layered building boards (JSD) and tongue and grove particle boards.

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Softwood, planed products (LUKAPROFIL) and white wood pellets (LUKAPELET).

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