Laminated boards

Laminated particle boards and MDF are made by pressing impregnated decorating paper on one or both sides of the raw board. Papers are impregnated by aminoplastic resins and the laminated boards are intended for interior equipment (including furniture) for use in dry environments. If used in construction, they are not intended as load-bearing elements or as a part of load-bearing elements. The boards are not suitable for outdoor use. 

Laminated board product range: 

Laminated particle boards 

  • Standard quality of single-sided or double-sided laminated boards according to corporate standard 
  • Lamino PLUS Quality board with enhanced mechanical and physical parameters
  • Design Concept individual design for everybody 

Laminated fibre boards 

  • Standard quality – tried-and-tested quality suitable for normal use 
  • HF quality – boards with higher density designed for deep milling of shapes on the board surface 
  • HG quality – boards designed for the use as a semi-product for final surface finish in high gloss 

Laminated boards are made to PN 49 268. 

Available certificates

Basic parameters and dimensions: 

1. Types of boards

Particle board (DTD) used for lamination in compliance with ČSN EN 312 P2,

Fibre board (MDF) in compliance with ČSN EN 622 – 5

2. Structure of laminate layers

The board laminate structure is double-sided symmetrical, while at the same time each surface can have a different decorative finish.

MDF can also be laminated only on one side.

3. Appearance and structure of laminated board surface

The board appearance is given by colour and print of the paper used. Each decorative paper design is assigned a unique 3-digit number in the laminated board swatch.

The surface structure is defined by the presser plate surface (smooth, or structural surface – mini pearl, BS office structure, wood pore, ash blossom, deep pore, etc.). For an appearance assessment see Article 17 of this standard.

4. Dimensions of manufactured laminated boards

Laminated boards are manufactured in the following basic dimensions:

DTD (LDTD) 2840×1830 mm

Fibre board MDF (LMDF) 2800×1840, 2440×1220, 2100×1220

Thicknesses for basic dimensions:

LDTD dimensions 2840×1830 mm 10, 12, 13, 15, 16, 18, 19, 22, 25, 28, 30, 32 and 38 mm

goods in stock – 18 mm thick in respective stockpiling structure according to current DDL catalogue

LMDF dimensions 2800×1840 mm 10, 12, 16, 18, 19, 22, 25, 28, 30, 38 mm

goods in stock – 18 mm thick decoration 116 white smooth standard quality, single- and double-sided variant

Single-sided LMDF with dimensions 2100×1220 mm 3 mm

Single-sided LMDF with dimensions 2440×1220 mm 3 mm

customised production: non-standard thickness, formats, decorations – terms and prices individually, upon meeting the minimum purchasing requirement and taking the technical possibilities of production facilities into account.


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