Impregnated paper

Impregnated papers are made by impregnating decorative, backing or special papers with suitable aqueous aminoplastic resin solutions and are used as a semi-product for subsequent particle boards and MDF surface lamination. 

1240 – 2100 mm

cut to dimensions (min. 700 mm, max. 5500 mm) 

Paper weight:

70-120 g/m2 (base paper) 

Impregnated balance paper designed for adhesion is supplied in sheets on pallets, protected by packaging material. 


I. Impregnated decorative papers (papers from high-quality cellulose containing pigments and colourants in UNI design or printed) are used as semi-products in the production of laminated particle boards or MDF.

II. Impregnated backing papers are used as an intermediate layer under decorative papers and are used to improve the laminated board surface quality.

III. Impregnated special papers (balance papers, impregnated crepe paper) are used to improve the surface quality of laminated boards or mouldings.

IV. Impregnated balance papers designed to adhered to the substrate with glue are mainly used to close the invisible part surfaces and to balance the tensile stress in surface dressing of boards.

Furniture parts

Furniture parts and furniture blanks, door mouldings and shaped parts for upholstered furniture.

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Board stock

Particle boards and MDF boards raw, veneered and laminated, single-layered building boards (JSD) and tongue and grove particle boards.

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Products made from wood

Softwood, planed products (LUKAPROFIL) and white wood pellets (LUKAPELET).

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