Furniture parts from raw MDF

We use the latest technology put into service in 2006 and meeting the modern trends in furniture development to manufacture furniture parts in various degree of finalisation based on customer request. 


– for standard furniture production
– for painting
– for deep milling
– special (upon customer request)

Treatment of furniture parts from raw MDF: 

face as well as edge drilling 

profile milling using CNC, also for upholstered furniture 

 grooves, rabbets 

narrow parts – manufacture of legs, stiles, frames 

Furniture partsmade within these limit dimensions: 

 Length: 250-2020 mm (narrow parts), 2750 mm (other) 

 Width: 30-1200 mm 

 Thickness range: 12-40 mm 

 Furniture parts in other dimensions or thicknesses can be supplied upon agreement between purchaser and supplier. 


Dimensional tolerances of furniture parts
  size [mm] tolerance  [mm]
Length and width do 1000 ±  0,3
od 1001 do 2000 ±  0,4
od 2001 do 3000 ± 0,5
Thickness ± 0,4 mm
Squareness do 1000 ± 0,3
od 1001 do 2000 ± 0,6
od 2001 do 3000 ± 0,9

Machining tolerance

Bore in axes ±  0,3
Bore diameter ±  0,15
Bore depth +  1,0 / – 0,5
Groove axis  X, Y, Z ±  0,3


Dimensional tolerances and shape deviations for furniture parts are shown in the table, possibly given by customer-specific requirement. 

Furniture parts

Furniture parts and furniture blanks, door mouldings and shaped parts for upholstered furniture.

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