LUKAPELET white wood pellets

LUKAPELET – EXTRA CLEAN = spruce, chemical non-treated wood, without bark 

LUKAPELET is a prospective natural fuel with high caloric value and low ash and water content. 

LUKAPELET provides: 

  • Extra clean heat 
  • Low storage area requirements 
  • Easy handling 
  • Combustion process automation 

White wood pellets

Prospective natural fuel with high caloric value, low ash content, low water content, low storage area requirements, with possible combustion process automation. 

LUKAPELET pellets are pressed using high pressure from barked softwood material, without chemical additives. Lukapelet pellets, 6 mm in diameter, provide a very high-quality combustion process and enable precise control of heat output, while maintaining maximum cleanliness and ecology of the combustion process. In accordance with laboratory testing, combusting 1000 kg of LUKAPELET pellets in a combustion plant will leave only approx. 5 kg of ash. 

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Ecological heating

Use LUKAPELET and you will no longer need to go stoking! Use LUKAPELET and keep a clean conscience that you are not pressuring the environment by burning fossil fuels such as coal!

In addition to positive environmental effects, the advantages of using pellets for heating houses and industrial and business buildings also include the fact that unlike competing ecological fuels, e.g., briquettes, the pellets can be used as a fuel for automatic boilers.


Individual types of wood pellets mainly differ in their bark content. The whiter the pellets are, the lower the bark content.

The combustion of pellets without bark results in minimum ash content (max. 0.5%).

Therefore you need to clean your boiler once in a season and its operation is comfortable.

Combusting wooden pellets is suitable for customers interested in comfortable heating with low demands on operation who do not want to pay high annual gas or electricity bills.

You do not even have to dispose of the ash – it can be used as fertiliser. In terms of environmental burden, clean white pellets have the best properties. Free from heavy metals and adhesives. Burning pellets does not result in the formation of greenhouse gases causing the greenhouse effect (unlike fossil fuels).

Diameter 6 mm ± 1 mm 

Compressed to approx. 1260 kg/m3 

Bulk density approx. 725 kg/m3 


Real calorific value ≥ 16.5 MJ/kg 

Ash content ≤ 0.5% 

Water content ≤ 10% 

Material – pure spruce shavings 

Low ash content increases the periods between heater burner cleaning! 

LUKAPELET pellets do not contain any additives, chemical binders, adhesives, paints, plastics or any old recycled wood.


Production in compliance with the EN ISO 17225-2 standard ensures high pellet quality and the optimum combustion plant performance.

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