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Our company, Träspecialen is a Swedish producer of flat packed furniture in lacquer, melamine and veneer. Our market is in the first line the European countries and the export share of our total turnover is about 90 %. Our business idea is “to develop trendy design furniture for a broad international audience”. We work together with international designers and subcontractors and combine also our own furniture with trading articles from the Far East.
Our company has had and has a positive sales development during the latest years and the more we have increased the more we have developed our cooperation with DDL, who now is our biggest and most important supplier. Our relations started around year 2000 with raw material in the form of melamine coated chip board and raw MDF. We were in general very satisfied with time of delivery, quality and other services. As many other companies we have realized that we cannot be quite as good at all the different processes in our production as we wanted. What is especially distinguishing for Träspecialen and its products are lacquered products and it was therefore quite natural that we more and more focused on our lacquering process. Today it is design, construction, lacquering, packing, distribution and logistic solutions for our customers, that are the main processes in our company.

During the autumn 2005 we started up a project together with DDL, that means that we during this spring intend to completely out-source the wood working process of furniture components. This is possible thanks to a good cooperation with DDL and their investment in equipment and this new and very impressive factory. There are still some details, that have to be dealt with, and like all other activities we always have to try to develop the cooperation continuously. It’s about the same as in sports and Olympic Games, every detail has to be polished very carefully.

We congratulate DDL and all persons working here to this new factory and hope and believe that we through mutual confidence, respect and cooperativeness will be even more successful together.

Anita Lindgren



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